Embracing Nature's Abundance through Regenerative Land Design

Making your permaculture dreams a reality
At Savour Soil Permaculture, we empower you to create a vision, be inspired and take action. We give you and your community the tools and experience you need to create practical, achievable projects to enhance ecosystem health and build resilient, regenerative and abundant lives.

Find out how we can help you make it real.

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We need to create a vision.

We need to change the climate of our minds. We need to rebuild our inner landscapes. We need a positive, solution-focused way of thinking. We need to be inspired, and we have to act. We need to heal ourselves, our landscapes, our relationship with nature and our culture & communities. We need to learn how to reconnect with nature so we can mimic it in the design of our present and our future.

Working together, with nature, for a better future for us all.

Are you ready?

  • You’re searching for design solutions that will put you on the path to becoming self-reliant in your garden while cultivating a positive legacy for the next generation
  • You have land you want to transform into a thriving and abundant ecosystem that helps you reconnect with nature and leave the earth richer than you found it
  • You’re renting, or working with a small courtyard and need practical solutions for starting a food-producing, aesthetically pleasing garden in your home, today
  • You need food sovereignty and want guidance and inspiration for designing and creating a productive garden for you and your family to enjoy
  • You’re ready to embark on a land-based livelihood and need a diverse, hands-on and exciting learning environment to grow in

For the Earth. For the People. For the Future.

Serious Backyard Abundance

One-on-One Permaculture Consultations

Bring Permaculture to your home

Savour Soil works with you, one-on-one, to bring you further along the permaculture journey, with practical advice for transforming your land into an abundant and resilient ecosystem for generations to come.

In-person visits across South East Queensland and online consultations are available.

Permaculture consultations

Custom Garden Design

Design a Garden You’ll Love

ExNihilo Gardens will help create something from nothing in your own backyard, by combining food-producing plants alongside ornamental plants for aesthetically pleasing designs. Enjoy the freshness and flavour of home-grown fruits and veggies no matter the size or style of your garden.
Permaculture Courses and Garden Workshops

Hands-on Permaculture Courses & Garden Workshops

Create a Permaculture Vision

Savour Soil aims to create a diverse, interactive, hands-on and exciting learning environment through our fun permaculture courses and garden workshops held throughout the year.

Our courses are based on dynamic processes and activities, immersing participants in their own permaculture journey, helping you make your permaculture dreams real.

Savour Soil Permaculture provide professional services and expertise in the field of sustainability and environmental design, permaculture education and training. We focus on practical, achievable projects to improve community resilience, increase food security and educate communities.

We work with landowners and renters throughout South Queensland and surrounds to cultivate abundant and thriving ecosystems on their own property. We teach, train and inspire the next generation of sustainable gardeners through in-person and online permaculture design courses, and encourage everyone to take action today, not just for the present but for the future.

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What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a celebration of life. It is a way for us to move forward, supporting ourselves while regenerating the landscape around us.

For ourselves, for future generations.

Permaculture has become, for many, synonymous with sustainable, organic home gardening, working with rather than against nature. Evolving from the original definition of PERMAnent agriCULTURE to PERMAnent CULTURE, permaculture is the harmonious integration of landscapes and people, through the conscious design of a lifestyle which is highly productive and leaves the earth richer than we found it.

By building resilient, regenerative and abundant human-supporting landscapes, permaculture achieves high yields for low energy inputs, while actually building fertility over successive seasons. We search for, design and create thriving ecosystems that celebrate nature’s abundance, providing solutions for every climate, landscape and culture imaginable.

In essence, a design process to meet human needs while enhancing ecosystem health.

Earth Care

We only have one planet. We need to work with nature to rebuild our natural resources, so we have enough for a sustainable and regenerative existence.

People Care

We believe in the care of the self, care of kin and care of the community. We have a choice to not only help our environment but to help each other. We cannot do it alone.

Fair Share

Nature is abundant. We look to celebrate that abundance while accepting and respecting its limitations. If we don’t, there will be nothing left for future growth and future generations.

“I really do appreciate the time and effort that Savour Soil puts into planning and implementing his courses. They are well structured with well-researched information and experience rich.

I would recommend the services and educational courses offered by Savour Soil. I have always come away highly energised and motivated from their workshops!”

– John Mitchell

Savour Soil’s knowledge has provided us with a 25-year plan of growing our own food, educating our children and enjoying our property.

They have been so approachable and eager to answer our questions and design our garden our way. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Savour Soil for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of permaculture, or anyone seeking holistic advice on how best to feed their own family from their garden.”

– Megan and Jacob

“A huge thank you for your time and knowledge today, and for your patience answering our many questions. It was just so inspiring.

Greg and I both said afterwards that your fee was one of the best uses of our money – ever!”

– Helen & Greg

Off The Vine Mailing List

Want your free Savour Soil Instant Garden Guide? Enter your details below!

We send regular Permaculture tips too.