Flowers are not something that is typically considered when we think of a permaculture system. Generally, it is all about food, soil and water, which is absolutely an essential foundation of what we consider. One thing that I found that lacked in my system for many years was a level of aesthetics that appealed to me, inviting me to come to participate and be apart of the space. 
Flowers for aesthetics alone is not particularly beneficial for a permanent or persistent system. Still, when we start marrying up the different functions of plants, the beneficial insects, nutrient accumulating properties, soil interactions AND aesthetics, then we can really start turning our space into a place. 
I have been asked many times what we plant here and when, and while I have started to touch on the subject when writing about Organic Health Management, this can help add another layer to our gardens. This is by no means a complete list, nor is it focusing on perennials. Still, it does highlight self-seeding annuals that can persist in our gardens year after year.
You do not have to plant everything. Some on this list may not work for you depending where you are. 

We hope you find this list of what we seed month by month helpful and how these can be a beneficial part of our systems, subject to your own context.
We have attached a download file at the bottom. Enjoy 🙂

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