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Permaculture at Home

Faux Tabasco Sauce

From Victoria Holder​South East Queensland is still seeing some gorgeous days of warmth this early autumn. The last of these little pocket rocket chillies are in and ready to be fermented.The flavour now develops intrigue, highlighting acidity with depth of heat...

Serious Backyard Abundance

No Dig Gardens

What is No-Dig or Lasagna Gardening?As the name implies, no-dig gardening is all about building above ground, rather than digging down. The no-dig gardening concept was popularized by Sydney gardener Esther Dean in the 1970s as a way of minimizing gardening effort...

Serious Backyard Abundance

Planting a Tree

While it may seem evident on how to plant a tree, it can make a huge difference long term subject to the way you plant it in the first place - The difference between a tree that lives for 15 years, to a tree that lives to potentially over 200 years (depending on...

Off the Vine

Savour Soil December Newsletter

All I can say is where did 2022 go. This year has gone so fast I can hardly believe that it is almost 2023. It seems only yesterday that it was 1st January and the massive upheaval that brought. 2022 has been huge with consults for both private clients and...

Garden To Do Lists

February Garden To-Do-List

I have had a lot of questions about the things we do month by month to help not only maintain but add to our system. While the best time to have ‘planted a tree’ was 20 years ago, the next best time to start is now.Each little thing we do can and will help increase...

Weedy Wednesday

Weedy Wednedsay – Chickweed

Description:A delicate annual herb, with small, paired, egg shaped, pointed-tip leaves on long, round, weak stems that have a line of hairs between the nodes. It has small white flowers with 5 deeply notched petals that are shorter than the sepalsAs A Soil...

Weedy Wednesday

Weedy Wednesday – Scotch Thistle

Description:Scotch thistle is an erect annual or biennial herb to 2 m high, commonly 1 to 1.2 m. Generally one main stem with numerous branches, covered with dense, appressed, woolly hairs giving it a whitish-grey appearance. It has broad spiny wings along the...

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