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Weedy Wednesday

Weedy Wednesday – Giant Rats Tail Grass

Description:Rat’s tail grasses are robust, tufted, perennial grasses growing up to 2 m tall. They are difficult to distinguish from other pasture grasses before maturity. However, their leaves are noticeably tougher than those of any other species.As A Soil...

Serious Backyard Abundance

A Years Worth of Flowers

Flowers are not something that is typically considered when we think of a permaculture system. Generally, it is all about food, soil and water, which is absolutely an essential foundation of what we consider. One thing that I found that lacked in my system for many...

Weedy Wednesday

Weedy Wednesday – Ribwort

Description:It has hairy, long, slender ribbed leaves that form 1 or more rosettes from which emerge long, slender flowering stems carrying dense, brown, cylindrical seed heads that often have white anthers sticking out of them from October to March or in July. Has...

Garden To Do Lists

June Garden To Do List

I have had a lot of questions about the things we do month by month to help not only maintain but add to our system. While the best time to have ‘planted a tree’ was 20 years ago, the next best time to start is now.Each little thing we do can and will help increase...

Weedy Wednesday

Weedy Wednesday – Spiny Burrgrass

Description:A purple/red, tufted annual grass to 600 mm diameter with upward bending stems, up to 800 mm tall, and a cylindrical spiny seed head that is often partially enclosed in the top sheath.As A Soil Indicator:Very low Calcium, High Potassium, High...

Permaculture Design

Arts in a Permanent Culture

by Cassandra Pulver.  (Image courtesy of Project for public spaces) Culture is created by us and defines us. It is the embodiment of the distinctive values, traditions and beliefs that make being Australian in the 21st Century unique – democratic, diverse, adaptive...

Weedy Wednesday

Weedy Wednesday – Sorrel

Description:Sorrel is a perennial with a creeping habit, with lance shaped leaves 5-8cm long. Spikes of insignificant tiny, yellow flowers turn into small red/brown seeds. Leaves and stems can also have a brown tinge. The plant reaches a height of 30cm when in...

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