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Patterns, Permaculture & Retrosuburbia

I have been putting off writing this for some time. I just could not work out where to start as there were many different things buzzing around in my head. Though much like design the hardest part is putting pen to paper so here we begin. For me, Retrosuburbia was...

Weedy Wednesday

Weedy Wednesday – Marshmallow

Description:An erect or sprawling, annual or biennial herb to 1.5 metres with round lobed leaves, heart shaped cotyledons, small, 5-petalled white or pink flowers from April to November.As A Soil Indicator:Very low Calcium, high Potassium, very high Magnesium, high...

Weedy Wednesday

Weedy Wednesday – Castor Oil

Description:A many branched annual to perennial shrub or small tree to 3 metres tall with stalked, large leaves with 5-9 finger like lobes and softly spiny capsules. It has yellow male flowers below the reddish female flowers from spring to autumn.As A Soil...

Weedy Wednesday

Weedy Wednesday – Purslane

Description:A prostrate, succulent, running annual herb that often forms dense mats with spoon shaped, shiny leaves, red stems and 4-6 petalled, yellow flowers from August to MarchAs A Soil Indicator:Very low Calcium, Very low Potassium, Very high Phosphate, Very...

Garden To Do Lists

May Garden To Do List

I have had a lot of questions about the things we do month by month to help not only maintain but add to our system. While the best time to have ‘planted a tree’ was 20 years ago, the next best time to start is now.Each little thing we do can and will help increase...

Serious Backyard Abundance

Living Mulch

One question that came up today during the hands-on wicking bed workshop was what am I using for in-between the beds. My answer seemed to surprise the participant. While it is common for most people to use either woodchip or some other dead material what I look...

Serious Backyard Abundance

Shade Tolerant Vegetables

With the light constantly changing with the seasons, it can be hard to try and find things that will grow in the shadier parts of our gardens. Do you have an area of your yard that is shaded for part or most of the day? Many vegetables grow in the shade. Some even...

Community Connection

Successional Leadership

What is successional leadership? It is a concept that where might be able to use when designing our social systems especially with regards to our networks and organisations. Perhaps even a metric of success of these same organisations. This year, 2018 has been a...

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