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St Mary’s Green thumbs

An article written in the Gatton Star about the School sustainability program I work on for many years by FRANCIS WITSENHUYSEN29th Mar 2016 2:30 PM ST MARY’S School sustainability garden has become a special place students can go to escape the craziness of the...

Weedy Wednesday

Weedy Wednesday – Ragweed

Description:Native to North America, Ragweed is a fern-like plant that is detrimental to the environment. Fast-growing, the weed often hampers agricultural, Ragweed grows between 1 to 2m in height. It features a flower spike up to 20cm long with yellow flowers when...

Serious Backyard Abundance

Savouring Our Soils – Part 1

“Soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all. It is the healer and the restorer, and the resurrector by which disease passes into health, age into youth, death into life. Without proper care for it, we can have no community, for, without...

Weedy Wednesday

Weedy Wednesday – Hemlock

Description:A many branched, robust, biennial or annual herb, usually 1.5 metres tall with twice divided leaves, many white flowers in spring in umbrella like arrangements at the top and with an unpleasant mousy or parsnip like smell when crushed. The stems are...

Weedy Wednesday

Weedy Wednesday – Ribwort

Description:It has hairy, long, slender ribbed leaves that form 1 or more rosettes from which emerge long, slender flowering stems carrying dense, brown, cylindrical seed heads that often have white anthers sticking out of them from October to March or in July. Has...

Serious Backyard Abundance

Planning for Backyard Abundance

With the recent expansion of the kitchen garden, it was time to start the new planning for the expanded patch. The expansion was always part of the plan, but we had given ourselves a 10-year implementation plan for the design. This allowed us to fine-tune as we go....

Weedy Wednesday

Weedy Wednesday – Giant Rats Tail Grass

Description:Rat’s tail grasses are robust, tufted, perennial grasses growing up to 2 m tall. They are difficult to distinguish from other pasture grasses before maturity. However, their leaves are noticeably tougher than those of any other species.As A Soil...

Weedy Wednesday

Weedy Wednesday – Sorrel

Description:Sorrel is a perennial with a creeping habit, with lance shaped leaves 5-8cm long. Spikes of insignificant tiny, yellow flowers turn into small red/brown seeds. Leaves and stems can also have a brown tinge. The plant reaches a height of 30cm when in...

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