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May Newsletter

While it's coming to an end,  April seems to be the month for reflection. From the roots of the Greek myth, the modern-day workings here as the weather cools, bringing a new sense of vibrancy and colour.  It is a time of beginnings and endings. With new beginnings...

Weedy Wednesday

Weedy Wednedsay – Chickweed

Description:A delicate annual herb, with small, paired, egg shaped, pointed-tip leaves on long, round, weak stems that have a line of hairs between the nodes. It has small white flowers with 5 deeply notched petals that are shorter than the sepalsAs A Soil...

Serious Backyard Abundance

Passionfruit Marigold

I was very fortunate a couple of years ago when I was able to help out a community garden in our region and was gifted several plants as a thank you. One of these plants was a passion-fruit marigold - Tagetes lemmonii. Not knowing much about it at the time and...

Serious Backyard Abundance

The Chicken Apothecary

Responsibility shifts to that of the intervener.  Out of the many different design principles that I have read or been taught over the years, this is the one that resonates most with me.The idea that if you intervene in a system, you are ultimately responsible for...

Permaculture Design

Savour Soil Consults

"Savour Soils was recommended to us by a friend who had heard we had moved. As busy people, with only slightly ‘green’ thumbs, we were keen to engage a consultant who could provide a property-specific report, complete with local knowledge – so that we wouldn’t be...

Garden To Do Lists

August Garden To Do List

I have had a lot of questions about the things we do month by month to help not only maintain but add to our system. While the best time to have ‘planted a tree’ was 20 years ago, the next best time to start is now.Each little thing we do can and will help increase...

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