The year is moving so fast it honestly feels like it will be Christmas again next week. May has flown by, and while it has had its ups and downs, I think that it has shown the power and possibilities of what we can achieve if we desire to.

From working with ongoing and new clients, bringing design aspects to high schools’ geography, and doing charity work in our local communities while being asked to set up a wicking bed market garden to grow food for local cafes using Serious Backyard Gardening practices.

The most exciting, though, is facilitating a permaculture teacher trainer and our first online PDC. Both have exceptional learners looking to expand their knowledge base to build a better understanding. So while it means some long days, it is worthwhile.

And remembering that it is a team that gets it done, not just one individual alone.

Our motto is about Making it Real. Making it real is not going to be easy, but like all things of value, it will be worth it.

So, we ask you. How are you going to make it real?

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