While it’s coming to an end,  April seems to be the month for reflection. From the roots of the Greek myth, the modern-day workings here as the weather cools, bringing a new sense of vibrancy and colour. 

It is a time of beginnings and endings.

With new beginnings comes a new understanding. Recently a good friend reminded me of the concept of log jams. Log jams is a term from Canada where logs are floated down the river to the sawmill once cut. Sometimes those logs get caught on a snag and cannot move, causing the logs to create a blockage. If this blockage is not cleared, it gets worse. As more float down the river until such time that there is so much pressure that when it finally gives, there is a massive explosion of energy that usually leads to people dying.

It is the same in our personal life. There will always be blockages of some sort. We need to remember that we need to address them early rather than do nothing; otherwise, that pressure builds to the point of an “explosion”, and people get hurt, including ourselves. It is and can be recoverable, but people will need to put in the effort to do so and heal.

Having recently gone over my context and quality of life statements, I now have a path for those same new beginnings, using it to help clear those ‘log jams’ in my life. While it may not be easy, in the end, it will be well worth it.

So how are you going to make it real?

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