Working Together, With Nature

Making a better future for us all

For every climate. For every landscape. For every culture. For future growth. For the earth. For health. For regenerative, resilient, abundant lives. For our legacy. For future generations. For all of us.

At Savour Soil Permaculture, we want you to create a vision for your future, be inspired and take action. We want you to feel empowered to reconnect with nature, and work with it, rather than against it, celebrating nature’s abundance while respecting its limitations.

We believe that sustainability isn’t enough. We don’t want to sustain things the way they are, but improve upon them and create a more regenerative and robust ecosystem that lasts for generations. We need to make a change, for a better future for everyone and everything.

Find out how we can help you make it real.

Michael and Victoria from Savour Soil Permaculture

We need to create a vision.

We need to change the climate of our minds. We need to rebuild our inner landscapes. We need a positive, solution-focused way of thinking. We need to be inspired, and we have to act. We need to heal ourselves, our landscapes, our relationship with nature and our culture & communities. We need to learn how to reconnect with nature so we can mimic it in the design of our present and our future.

Hi! We’re Michael and Victoria, your conversation facilitators, designers and educators with permaculture ethics at our core. We give you and your community the tools and experience you need to create practical, achievable projects to enhance ecosystem health and build more resilient, regenerative and abundant lives.

Micheal Savour Soil


Hello, my name is Michael, and I am the founder of Savour Soil Permaculture. I began my permaculture journey about 25 years ago when I picked up a copy of Permaculture One and the Introduction to Permaculture by Bill Mollison, though it was a number of years later when I finally attended my first PDC.

I have applied the design principles and ethics of permaculture to my personal life and I am now enjoying the wonderful opportunities of being able to apply them to my workplace and my community.

I enjoy learning about the many different facets of permaculture and design and through my learning, I have also come to love teaching.

I finally jumped in after reading and applying what I had learned and have since done a number of PDC’s followed by my Permaculture Teacher Trainer with Rosemary Morrow and Nick Ritar. I completed the Advanced Permaculture Design Principle workshop with David Holmgren, Advanced Permaculture Design with Dan Palmer and the Forest Garden Design Intensive with Dave Jacke as well as the REX10 online with Darren Doherty plus many more. I aspire to be as inspirational and practical as my teachers.

I continue to do other courses to advance my knowledge and to increase the value which I may provide in both my teaching, projects​ and consultations.

Micheal Savour Soil


Hey! I’m Victoria and I joined Savour Soil Permaculture at the beginning of 2021. I grew up in the gardens of England, in a little town in Kent surrounded by hop farms and apple orchards.

It was there that my love of home gardening began. All of my family grew food, whether in the local allotment gardens, in the back yard or on the small hobby farm that my grandparents tended.

When embarking on a gap year in Australia before pursuing a design degree, I discovered a passion for hospitality, working in prestigious restaurants that focused on produce and a sense of place. Here I learned about producers and their practices for growing local food, raising animals ethically and fishing sustainably. It was a great opportunity to affect the choices guests made not only in the restaurant but when they went home.

Consequently, my gap year turned into 20 and a long career in restaurants across Australia.

Like most people, I found that in the year 2020 changes had to be made. I started with a Permaculture Living course with Milkwood, before diving into my Permaculture Design Course with Savour Soil Permaculture. I also completed a Diploma in Garden Design, and I knew I was hooked. Savour Soil gives me the opportunity to combine my extensive professional skill set and attention to detail with my passion for permaculture and design!

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Work with Savour Soil Permaculture

Savour Soil Permaculture provide professional services and expertise in the field of sustainability and environmental design, permaculture education and training. We focus on practical, achievable projects to improve community resilience, increase food security and educate communities.

We work with landowners and renters throughout South East Queensland to cultivate abundant and thriving ecosystems in their own backyard. We teach, train and inspire the next generation of sustainable gardeners through in-person and online permaculture design courses, and encourage everyone to take action today, not just for the present but for the future.

Permaculture consultations

One-on-One Permaculture Consultations

Bring Permaculture to your home

Savour Soil works with you, one-on-one, to bring you further along the permaculture journey, with practical advice for transforming your land into an abundant and resilient ecosystem for generations to come.

In-person visits across South East Queensland and online consultations are available.

Victoria from ExNihilo Gardens

Custom Garden Design

Design a Garden You'll Love

ExNihilo Gardens will help create something from nothing in your own backyard, by combining food-producing plants alongside ornamental plants for aesthetically pleasing designs. Enjoy the freshness and flavour of home-grown fruits and veggies no matter the size or style of your garden.

Permaculture Courses and Garden Workshops

Hands-on Permaculture Courses & Garden Workshops

Create a Permaculture Vision

Savour Soil aims to create a diverse, interactive, hands-on and exciting learning environment through our fun permaculture courses and garden workshops held throughout the year.

Our courses are based on dynamic processes and activities, immersing participants in their own permaculture journey, helping you make your permaculture dreams real.

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