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Permaculture Design Course Australia

“We need to create a vision. We need to change the climate of our minds. We need to rebuild our inner landscapes. We need a positive, solution-focused way of thinking.” 

We need to be inspired, and we have to act. We need to heal ourselves, our landscapes, our relationship with nature and our culture & communities. We need to learn how to reconnect with nature so we can mimic it in the design of our present and our future. 

The Savour Soil Permaculture Design Course is committed to turning you into a better designer. The learning outcomes for this course have been built around the design framework to achieve this goal.

View our full course outline below. 

Online course

All live sessions are recorded so participants can re-watch at times that suit them.


Fridays and Sundays from 6pm to 9pm, from June 7th June to July 28th (Australian eastern standard time).

Includes resources and videos to continue your education throughout the course.

– 8 weeks of dynamic online facilitation

– An extensive library of online resources. 
extra modules to help support extra learning

– BONUS permaculture design companion template valued at $200

Take advantage of early bird pricing ($300 deposit required for all registrations).

$1000 AUD + GST 

This price covers the entire course and associated resources!





If you’re looking to do a PDC over an extended period with a master of the industry, the Savour Soil PDC will set you up for a lifetime of Permaculture design and living. He really looks after participants and guides every step of the journey in a thorough, inspiring and caring way. The structure, flow, diverse learning methods and materials are carefully designed for optimal and lasting learning and implementation. I thoroughly recommend it.

Robin Clayfield

Earthcare Education + Dynamic Groups

Your course outline

  • Take part in presentations, slideshows, facilitated group discussions and other learning strategies.
  • Build skills with activities that will build your design.
  • Learn from professionals – designers, community organisers who are living the design process, not just teaching about it. We live in the systems we create, continually receiving insights and feedback to deepen our understanding of natural and designed systems.
  • Learn about and use an ecological design process, which has you create a vision, learn to comprehend the landscape and use the scale of permanence to catalogue data and develop a design. This process will give you a step-by-step approach to applying the design principles of permaculture. You will gain confidence to tackle your designs with this process.
  • Get the attention you need. More time for questions, conversations, and personal attention from the educators, to dive deeper into a subject or discuss personal projects you are working on.
  • Design from day one and all through the course rather than just an end exercise.
  • Connect with others and build community. 
  • Devote two months to study and live permaculture. We like to take our time going over the course material, with plenty of time for group process and design, building community and fun.
  • Receive continued support after the course.

“I commend Michael Wardle on the creation of this brilliant resource, which integrates some of the best thinking in permaculture design with his many years of experience as a professional permaculture designer and educator. I hope that many people benefit from this accessible, step-by-step sequence which provides a robust scaffold for high quality permaculture design.”

Dan Palmer

Making Permaculture Stronger