“Savour Soils was recommended to us by a friend who had heard we had moved. As busy people, with only slightly ‘green’ thumbs, we were keen to engage a consultant who could provide a property-specific report, complete with local knowledge – so that we wouldn’t be wasting time, energy and money planting the wrong plants in the wrong places. 

When we contacted Michael he outlined the three levels of consultancy services he provided. As we had settled on a large rural residential lot and wanted to plan our long term future there, we engaged Michael on a full consultation basis so that we could commence the permaculture design, with an understanding that a number of elements take three to five years to implement. 

Michael visited us on a number of occasions, taking observations of the property, our lifestyle, and asking many questions. Most importantly, Michael listened to our dreams and goals and also took into account our limitations, particularly as we are time-poor, and provided a report that will help us create a garden that will feed our family and look after itself in an energy efficient way. 

So the overall outcome was a property report that will help us achieve our goals and break them down so they are not as overwhelming. Michael’s knowledge has provided us with a 25 year plan of growing our own food, educating our children and enjoying our property. He has been so approachable and eager to answer our questions and design our garden our way. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Savour Soils for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of permaculture, or anyone seeking holistic advice on how best to feed their own family from their garden.”  – Megan and Jacob

Did you know we also do Land Design? Using our unique approach, adapted over time we will 

  • Using the Ethics and Design Principles as a guide to create your resilient, regenerative and abundant landscape
  • discover your ‘why’ & discuss the different aspects you hope to achieve and what you’re able to bring to the design
  • explore & discover the characteristics, history of and plans for the property
  • closely work with you to facilitate the design process so that we can create something that is unique to your context
  • regenerate your soils and maximize your water potential
  • discover what will grow well and suit your preferences & lifestyle
  • identify waste streams  that can bring added potential and value to your design

Below is what we offer for those interested in taking their ideas further along the permaculture journey

Verbal Design Consult
First is a verbal, little research and no report, consult where I come to your site, talk to you and any others living at the site, asking a few questions, to discuss your time, energy and financial budgets, what you would like out of the site (e.g., how much and what kinds of food) and what elements you would like included in the design then we tour the site talking about various options – $300 (approx.. 3 hours onsite with 1 hour offsite research)

Concept Design Consult
Second option is the same but with research, 30 page report and doing a concept design (rough outline), after which we sit down and look at the report and again walk around the property talking about the design.. Depending on how extensive the concept and size of the block –  approx. $700 (subject to scope) (approx..10 hours )

Working Plan Design Consult
The Working Plan design which includes report, concept and a much more detailed design, and again walk around the property talking about the design.. Again depending on size of block, research and level of detail –  approx $1250 (subject to scope). (approx.. 50 hours)

Adaptive Design Consult
The Adaptive Design Consult is where we truly embrace the design principle ‘Creatively use and respond to change’ and over the course of several years we design and create your design on the ground suited to your context. We are engaged  for a period of 3 years and over that time we come and work with you to help fulfill your dream of a flexible permaculture design.  – approx $4500 over 3 years

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