The English word April comes from the Latin Aprilis, the name given to the month by the ancient Romans. No one knows for sure why the Romans named it as they did, but some Roman authors thought Aprilis was related to the Latin verb aperire, meaning “to open.”

As things start to cool here in my region, being open to the seasons, listening and responding to that change

April has been a fantastic month. We have moved forward with several projects, and it was also the month we entered the professional space for the last ten years.

With over 600 consults, over 2500 people who have come to learn in our courses and workshops, over 15000 trees in the ground on sites and ‘ninja gardening’, and Worked with daycare centres, Schools, Universities and the larger community, and so much more. It has been a fantastic journey, and it has definitely had its challenges, but it has been worth it.


We love what we do and find that the more we learn, the more we do not know. But that in itself brings more learning and edge possibilities.

In the words of Plato – “The beginning is the most important part of the work”.

Our motto is about Making it Real. Making it real will not be easy, but like all things of value, it will be worth it.

So, we ask you. How are you going to make it real?



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