I say this every year, but where did 2023 go?
Things seem rushed, though my kids tell me, “No, Dad, you are just old now” – I love them, but they are Cheeky rats.
2023 has been our biggest year for a few years, with more than 190 property visits, 58 free-to-public workshops delivered, 3 PDCs, 17 additional workshops, and a number of concept designs, working plans and 3 community garden designs.
With the help of others, we have also streamlined our processes and updated all our templates so that our clients and participants get the most up-to-date information we can.
It has definitely been a huge year.
2024 looks just as productive, with several consults and installations already booked, workshops organised, and a few new programs and proposals that will take off and help build more resilience and abundance in our communities.
In many cultures around the globe, December is about celebrating not just the end but new beginnings, symbolising themes such as rebirth and renewal.
I know that I will be looking forward to a break, and I wish everyone a happy break and that everyone will thrive coming into 2024


In the words of Plato – “The beginning is the most important part of the work”.



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