With September around the corner, it is hard to believe that Spring has come early and that we are already 4 weeks into it in the Southern Hemisphere. The September equinox is also known as the vernal or Spring equinox. It is considered by astronomers as the first day of Spring there.

Though with the early temperature rises, Spring has already been here for 5 or so weeks.

Spring is all about new beginnings and transformations; it’s a season that symbolizes starting fresh and starting over. After cold temperatures that often result in many of us feeling the winter blues, Spring reawakens us and our surrounding environment, bringing everything back to life.

Spring also brings in for us a new direction. I have been regularly posting new blogs again, applying new tools and techniques in context with new clients and building new programs.

The first is our series on Differentiating Agroforestry – A look into the 4 most popular types in permaculture for the minute. A new online workshop that will guide people through the process of using Inkscape (a free artist program) to create their permaculture designs) and so much more

Our motto is about Making it Real. Making it real will not be easy, but like all things of value, it will be worth it.

So, we ask you. How are you going to make it real?


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