Regenerative planting

Cultivate a more regenerative, resilient and abundant life

Making it Real

Empowering you to live a more sustainable lifestyle, with permaculture and garden design that meets your human needs, while enhancing ecosystem health.

Create a vision, be inspired, take action.

Whether you’re here to build the garden of your dreams, learn more about regenerative landscaping, gain food security or become a permaculturist yourself, we’re here to make it real for you.

We are here to facilitate a conversation between what you need and what the landscape needs, so you can cultivate an environment that works for you and strengthens your land. We give you and your community the tools and experience you need to create practical, achievable projects to enhance ecosystem health and build resilient, regenerative and abundant lives.

“Savour Soil visited us on a number of occasions, taking observations of the property, our lifestyle, and asking many questions. Most importantly, they listened to our dreams and goals and also took into account our limitations, particularly as we are time-poor, and provided a report that will help us create a garden that will feed our family and look after itself in an energy-efficient way. 

So the overall outcome was a property report that will help us achieve our goals and break them down so they are not as overwhelming. Savour Soil’s knowledge has provided us with a 25-year plan of growing our own food, educating our children and enjoying our property. They have been so approachable and eager to answer our questions and design our garden our way. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Savour Soil for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of permaculture, or anyone seeking holistic advice on how best to feed their own family from their garden.”

– Megan and Jacob

Permaculture consultations

One-on-One Permaculture Consultations

Bring Permaculture to your home

Savour Soil works with you, one-on-one, to bring you further along the permaculture journey, with practical advice for transforming your land into an abundant and resilient ecosystem for generations to come.

In-person visits across South East Queensland and online consultations are available.

Victoria from ExNihilo Gardens

Custom Garden Design

Design a Garden You’ll Love

ExNihilo Gardens will help create something from nothing in your own backyard, by combining food-producing plants alongside ornamental plants for aesthetically pleasing designs. Enjoy the freshness and flavour of home-grown fruits and veggies no matter the size or style of your garden.

Permaculture Courses and Garden Workshops

Hands-on Permaculture Courses & Garden Workshops

Create a Permaculture Vision

Savour Soil aims to create a diverse, interactive, hands-on and exciting learning environment through our fun permaculture courses and garden workshops held throughout the year.

Our courses are based on dynamic processes and activities, immersing participants in their own permaculture journey, helping you make your permaculture dreams real.

“A huge thank you for your time and knowledge today, and for your patience answering our many questions. It was just so inspiring. Greg and I both said afterwards that your fee was one of the best uses of our money – ever!”

– Helen & Greg

Gardens Workshops

Create a Permaculture Vision & Take Action

Hands-on permaculture courses and garden workshops

Savour Soil aims to create a diverse, interactive, hands-on and exciting learning environment through our fun permaculture courses and garden workshops held throughout the year.

Our courses are based on dynamic processes and activities, immersing participants in their own permaculture journey, helping you make your permaculture dreams real.

We are always updating and adding new courses and workshops so check back regularly for more.

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Permaculture Design Course

Our annual course begins Sunday August 7th 2022 and continues every Sunday for 16 weeks.

The Savour Soil Permaculture Design Course is committed to turning you into a better designer for your life. The learning outcomes for this course have been built around the design framework to achieve this goal. ​Come delve into Holistic Decision Making, Permaculture Design and Keyline Design as an ordering framework to not only read our landscapes but design for a transformative future.

“I first encountered Savour Soil around five years ago, when I was getting more involved with my readings around Permaculture. I first enrolled in the ‘Permaculture Primer – An Introduction to Permaculture Course and realized that this was answering a lot of the questions that I had in my mind. Since then I have completed many courses with Michael and he has become a good friend and mentor.

I really do appreciate the time and effort that Savour Soil puts into planning and implementing their courses. They are well structured with well-researched information and experience rich.

I would recommend the services and educational courses offered by Savour Soil. I have always come away highly energised and motivated from his workshops!”

– John Mitchell

During this course you will:

  • Take part in presentations, slideshows, site tours, exercises, games, facilitated group discussions and other learning strategies.
  • See permaculture in action.
  • Build skills with hands-on classes, practical activities and implementations.
  • Learn from professionals – designers, community organisers who are living the process of design, not just teaching about it. We live in the systems we create, continually receiving insights and feedback to deepen our understanding of natural and designed systems.
  • Learn about and use ecological design processes, which has you create a vision, learn to comprehend the landscape and use the scale of permanence to catalogue data and develop a design. This process will give you a step by step approach to applying the design principles of permaculture.
  • Get the attention you need. More time for questions, conversations, and personal attention from the educators, to dive deeper into a subject or discuss personal projects you are working on
  • Design from day one and all through the course rather than just an end exercise.
  • Connect with others and build community.
  • Devote four months to study and live permaculture. We like to take our time going over the course material, with plenty of time for hands-on activities, group process and design, building community and fun.
  • Receive continued support after the course.
  • Receive discounts on future courses and the possibility of earning credit by referring future permaculture design course students.

Limited to 15 participants to maximise learning outcomes

Cost: Early Bird: $1000, Full Price: $1500, Deposit $300

If you would like us to facilitate a Permaculture Design Course for your organisation or community, please get in touch. We believe in applying what we know to your local context for the best possible results.

“If you’re looking to do a PDC over an extended period with a master of the industry, the Savour Soil PDC will set you up for a lifetime of Permaculture design and living. He really looks after participants and guides every step of the journey in a thorough, inspiring and caring way. The structure, flow, diverse learning methods and materials are carefully designed for optimal and lasting learning and implementation. I thoroughly recommend it.”


“I commend Savour Soil on the creation of this brilliant resource, which integrates some of the best thinking in permaculture design with his many years of experience as a professional permaculture designer and educator. I hope that many people benefit from this accessible, step-by-step sequence which provides a robust scaffold for high-quality permaculture design”

Dan Palmer (VEG, Making permaculture stronger, Holistic decision making)

(About the template we use for the designs in our course)

“This PDC wasn’t the first course I have completed with Michael but definitely the most life-transforming. If there was ever the right time to finally tackle a PDC, it was 2020 in the middle of a global pandemic. Michael is a great teacher and has so much knowledge to share, but his real ability is in bringing people together to share their stories and their ideas, find solutions in problems, and to build capacity for making a difference in our own communities, even if it’s as simple as showing our neighbours what a difference healthy soil can make. Michael was the qualified teacher leading the course, but it was the brilliant group of people I built connections with over 16 weeks who taught me just as much about permaculture in practice.”

– Dave, 2020

“The course is by far the best i have ever done and I have qualifications coming out of my ears. You are a sensitive and thoughtful instructor/facilitator and each session is a bloody work of art in terms of design, resourcing, and experiential learning (and 2 of my quals are in education). The venues, especially your home provide a beautiful backdrop, demonstration of principles, and mix of social and quiet spaces for contemplation (ie sneaking into the greenhouse and nicking a tomato)”

-Rowena, 2019

“I have just completed the 2018 PDC with Michael. I highly recommend the course and wish I could do it all over again! It was amazing!!

At the beginning I thought every Sunday for 16 weeks would be difficult but I found myself looking forward to Sunday’s with excitement! They couldn’t come fast enough! 

Each week was new and interesting and the week in between gave me time to process the material (and do homework😀).

Michael is a dynamic and engaging educator. With each class he creates a space and builds a community. He delivers with honesty and humour; takes the time to answer all and any questions and backs it all up with practical application.

If you’re considering Permaculture (and you should), you won’t regret signing up for this one! Just do it!!”

– Leisa, 2018

Gain the confidence you need to tackle your own designs with
the Savour Soil Permaculture Design Course


  • ​16 weeks of dynamic facilitation.
  • Massive amount of online resources.
  • online modules to help support extra learning,
  • Appropriate Permaculture Text Book,
  • Permaculture Design Companion template (value $200)
  • Tote bag
  • Community and a sense of FUN!

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Serious Backyard Abundance

3 Days – Dates to be Confirmed

9am to 4pm

Do you want to grow incredibly abundant fruit & vegetables in your backyard?

In this workshop, we will explore the mysteries of the garden. Plants were grown for many purposes—Food, Fibre, Fertility, Insectary, Nectary, Climate, Flowers, Privacy, etc.

We’ll discuss the intensive soil preparation for close planting and continuous cropping, and the growth and care of fruits and vegetables & orchard ecosystem. You will gain invaluable knowledge on the establishment, as well as the ongoing maintenance of a thriving backyard system. We will demystify the necessary art everybody should know about the workings abundant backyard from soil biology to health management. This is something anyone with space and desire can do – given knowledge and a commitment to observe the teachings from natural systems. We will be spending time on the design for productivity as well and experience of place—some call it edible landscaping and production for much or all of the year.

An abundant grower knows that producing fruit is not about manipulating nature but more importantly, fostering nature.

Join us for 3 days of hands-on knowledge, tips and tricks on how to grow genuinely incredible backyard fruit & veggies using serious backyard techniques.

This class is divided between classroom and time in the garden.

You will leave this course with a competent working knowledge of how to begin the journey to improve your veggie garden, as well as seeds, planners and lots of resources.
in this course you will learn:

  • Vegetable garden design, and placement
  • Plants and seasons
  • Soil relationships
  • Nutrient cycling for the backyard – worms, compost, compost teas
  • Applying strategies for a healthy soil in a backyard context
  • Garden Ferments – Witchy brews to improve garden health
  • Raising great seedlings
  • Preparing garden beds for planting
  • Develop garden to-do lists + crop rotations for serious backyard abundance.

Where: TBC
Dates: TBC
Times: 9am to 4pm each day
Cost: $300 + GST

Permaculture Teacher Trainer

Sunday’s | 8th May – 17th July 2022 – Ipswich QLD

8:30am to 5pm

Join us for six days of training delivered over 3 months to provide you with a dynamic toolkit to use in the classroom and life in general. Suppose you are thinking of becoming a teacher or are already a teacher. In that case, this course is designed to turn teaching into a life-changing and fun experience.

Your workshops will never be the same again.

You will leave this course being able to clearly communicate and confidently engage with a group of people. You will also join a learning community of teachers full of inspiration, mutual support and ongoing learning.


  •  Design a course, either short or long
  •  Develop clear course outcomes
  •  Adopt appropriate body behaviour
  •  Design practical learning resources and use teaching aids effectively
  •  Work with a broad range of people from different cultures and backgrounds
  •  Draw on strategies that promote thinking and integrate practical experience
  •  Deliver clear explanations and concepts
  •  Explain the structure and function of the Permaculture Design Course

All participants are required to hold a recognised PDC. They are also required to attend 100% of the course.


This course is being held in Ipswich. Please note, there is no onsite accommodation or food provided

This course runs from 8:30 – 5pm each day.

Where: Ipswich
Dates: Sunday’s 8th May – 17th July 2022
Times: 8:30am to 5pm each day
Cost: $800 (Deposit $300)

Fundamentals of Food Forestry

Saturdays | 11th June – 16th July 2022 – Northey Street City Farm

9am to 12 noon

A food forest is a diverse planting of edible and useful perennials that mimic patterns and relationships. Food forests are considered to have from three to seven layers, with a canopy of tall nut or fruit trees, several layers of smaller trees and shrubs, and an understory of beneficial ground covers. These multi-layered spaces allow you to fit a wide range of annual and perennials in a small area. Creating symbiotic relationships between elements produces a high yield of food and resources over the long term with minimal inputs. Food forests can be performing many ecological functions. They are considered one of the most regenerative and resilient production systems for a changing world.

This course will take you through the successional process of designing your own food forest. Each week, we will have three hours of learning and resources and videos to continue our education throughout the week. The class is limited to engage in group discussions and receiving support on your individual designs. People of all levels of experience are welcome. It is suggested that you have a few additional hours each week to work on your own design and some homework to get the most out of the course.

You will leave the course with the fundamentals of food forestry, a food forest design, as well as a guide for how to implement it.

Course Overview:


  • The Fundamentals of Food Forestry
  • Assessment of Landscape Through a Permaculture Lens
  • Food Forest Visioning & Goal Setting


  • Mapping of the Site
  • Water Flow, Soil Preparation and potential Earthworks
  • Site Succession


  • The Canopy Layers: Nut, Timber, Fruit trees & Animals
  • Planting Patterns, Succession Planning


  • The Middle Layers: Small Trees, Shrubs, Vines
  • Soil Builders & Nitrogen Fixers


  • The Ground Layers: Herbaceous Perennials, Herbs, Pollinator Plants.
  • Interplanting Annuals
  • Integrating Small Animals


  • Design Presentations & Feedback
  • Breaking Down Your Design into Implementation Phases
  • Resources for Continued Learning

Where: Northey Street City Farm
Dates: Saturdays 11th June – 16th July
Times: 9am to 12pm each day
Cost: $300/$250 Health Care Card, plus Eventbrite booking fee

Introduction to Garden Ferments – Witchy Brews

Saturday 25th June 2022 – Northey Street City Farm

1pm to 4pm

Come join us as we explore how we can increase the resilience and productivity of our gardens by applying what we learn from nature.

Garden fermenting is the process of cultivating local Microorganisms through simple, natural, and affordable methods. Garden fermenting, both aerobic and anaerobic, allows gardeners to create all organic and high-grade living fertilizers for our gardens.

In this course, we will look at where these ideas have come from and how they can be applied. This will include how to make some of the ferments and how to apply them.

This class is designed to enable anyone to become a microbial gardener.

Michael has been applying these ferments in his gardens for over 12 years and talks from experience on not only how we can create these ferments, but how we can use them also for maximum affect.

$60/$45 Healthcare Card Holder plus Eventbrite booking fee

We have always been flexible in our workshop models and if you would like us to facilitate a workshop for your organisation or community, please get in touch!

    “The course is by far the best I have ever done and I have qualifications coming out of my ears. You are a sensitive and thoughtful instructor/facilitator and each session is a bloody work of art in terms of design, resourcing, and experiential learning (and 2 of my quals are in education). The venues, especially your home provide a beautiful backdrop, demonstration of principles, and mix of social and quiet spaces for contemplation (ie sneaking into the greenhouse and nicking a tomato)”

    -Rowena, 2019

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